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MI Research

  • Domain: Intelligent Assessment Algorithm
  • Project Type: Development & Maintenance


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A little About This Project

Multiple Intelligences Developmental Assessment Scales(MIDAS™) were created by Branton Shearer, Ph.D. in 1987 as a means to enhance a person's intellectual performance, career development and personal satisfaction. The MIDAS™ Profile has been described as the Swiss Army knife of self-assessments that guides people to a deeper appreciation for their intellectual and creative lives.

Teachers report that understanding students' MI strengths guides their use of creative teaching strategies.

Adults at work and in transition gain more useful self-knowledge from the rich and descriptive MIDAS™ profile than from other so-called MI intelligence “tests”.

Business Leaders Dr. Shearer consults widely with business leaders to bring the power of the MIDAS™ profile to the many challenges that confront managers and HR directors. Parents tell us that understanding their child's MIDAS™ Profile helps them to be better parents. Teens and young adults gain a keen appreciation for their intellectual passions that clarifies and affirms their career paths.

The system proivide following modules:

MDAS introduction

Candidate test

Candidate management

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