Project Detail

Kinentia Consulting Services

  • Domain: Pharma/Biotechnology R&D
  • Project Type: Web Application


  • Asp .NET MVC using c#
  • Entity Framework 6.0
  • SQL Server
  • Angular JS
  • Bootstrap
  • HTML 5, CSS
  • jQuery

A little About This Project

Kinentia Biosciences, the parent company of KCS-online, was founded in 2007 to utilize its platform cheminformatics technology called Deep Data Mining (DDMâ„¢) to aid our clients in the discovery and development of novel pharmaceutical agents. DDM recognizes key risk factors involved in the drug discovery process and has built in process checks to mitigate this risk. Over the past 10 years Kinentia has expanded its offerings to provide a range of consulting and contract chemistry services. Most recently, Kinentia has established an online compound acquisition portal through its KCS-Online business unit.

The system proivide following modules:

Various Chemical Search (Using Chemical Structures)

E-commerce / Shopping cart

Order Management

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