Project Detail

Email Management System

  • Domain: Email management
  • Project Type: Web Application


  • MVC with C#
  • Entity Framework 6.0
  • Rest API
  • Windows Service
  • Angular JS
  • HTML 5, CSS
  • FedEx API

A little About This Project

This system is used to manage multiple email configurations like. username and Password, Incoming Port, Outgoing Port, Incoming server, Outgoing server. This configuration used to sync all new emails in system using created Windows service. This system working same as outlook and also remove Outlook decencies. This system in configure below dispatching company Projects email and easy to used Anywhere using web not required outlook configure pc and also manage quick Reply for email functionality provide. This system generally used for quote and Order status quick reply to customer.

The system proivide following modules:

Multiple Email Configuration

Email Configure sync to display in Inbox

Centralize Email Management

Inventory Management

Customize Email & Quick reply

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