Project Detail

Flying Cape

  • Domain: Education, E-commerce
  • Project Type: Web Application
  • Payment Gateway: Wirecard, PayPal


  • MVC with C#
  • Entity Framework 6.0
  • Rest API
  • indows Service
  • Angular JS
  • HTML 5, CSS

A little About This Project

Its Singapore based education platform which allow different schools and training centres to sell their classes. And also help parents to find suitable class for their children.

Schools are able to manage their classes, fees, taxes etc. using back office system.

One parent can book multiple classes for multiple children's in one booking. That's main benefit.

The system proivide following modules:

Search Module

Class Search Based on Advance algorithm

Promotion and Redeem Points

Payment Process Using PayPal and Wire Card getaways

Guest Booking

Able to manage all admin stuff.

Booking Workflows

Manage classes based on dates (using recurrence patterns)

Email management

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